You can count on Discount Tire of Hawaii’s qualified technicians to take care of your vehicle! We take pride in our efficiency, most vehicles are completely serviced within 25 minutes.



We provide the following Auto Care Services:

Company Car and Fleet Services
Discount Tire of Hawaii’s automotive maintenance expertise and having one of the largest tire inventory on the island makes us the perfect choice for your fleet. Please email us at, or call us at (808) 836-0475 to inquire about our Fleet Program.

Tire Rotation
The Tire Rotation process involves moving the tires to different locations on the vehicle so that they wear evenly. Rotating your tires can extend the life of your tires, improve gas mileage, and ensure better car handling. The rotation schedule depends on your vehicle model and the mileage driven. Consult with our knowledgeable technicians for an inspection and recommendation on how often you will need to rotate your tires. We offer FREE Tire Rotation for the life of your tires when you purchase them from Discount Tire of Hawaii.

Flat Tire Repair
If you have a slow leak, or if your dashboard tire pressure light turns on, stop by Discount Tire of Hawaii! Common cause of air leaks are nail and screw punctures that you may have driven over on the road. Hitting a curb or a deep pothole could also cause bulges and cracks on your tire, which in turn could lead to air escaping through the compromised areas. Our qualified technicians will inspect and determine if your tire can be patched, or if it needs to be replaced altogether. We offer FREE Flat Tire Repair for the life of your tires when you purchase them from Discount Tire of Hawaii.

If your vehicle is pulling to one side, or if your steering wheel is no longer lining up straight, you might need an alignment. A vehicle with misaligned suspension system could cause uneven tire wear and shorten the life expectancy of your tires. A regular alignment, coupled with tire rotation, can extend the life of your tires and save you money. Other benefits of alignment include better handling and comfort. Consult with a Discount Tire of Hawaii technician and learn how often your vehicle needs an alignment. We offer FREE Alignment checks as well.

Worn out shock absorbers reduces braking efficiency and driver control when cornering. There is also an increased risk of skidding on wet roads, and increased wear of tires and other suspension components. For your safety, replace worn out shocks. Our qualified technicians are more than happy to assist in replacing your shocks.

Brakes are crucial for everyone’s everyday driving safety. Some signs that you need to have your brake system inspected includes longer brake time/distance and squealing or grinding noises. Our Discount Tire of Hawaii technicians can help diagnose if your vehicle needs a simple brake pad change, or if a comprehensive brake system inspection is needed.

Minor Suspension
Common signs of suspension problems include the vehicle pulling to one side, feeling every bump on the road and handling difficulty. The suspension on your vehicle maximizes the friction between the tires and road, and provides steering stability. For a comfortable ride and more maneuverability, stop by and have our qualified technicians inspect your vehicle.